Monday, June 17, 2013

June Tea Meet at Steve Globus' place

For June Tea Meet, we met at Steve Globus' place.  He built a Japanese tea house in his penthouse and we were transported to a different time and place.  It was serene, beautiful and relaxing.  The tea was delicious.  Thanks Steve.
Of course she had to make the rabbit sign, lol.  Now see all the pictures with her rabbit sign!

Wooo, Joe with his halo.

All of us at the rooftop of Steve's penthouse.

Souheki Mori  and Steve Globus greeting us; Souheki performed Japanese tea ceremony.

Our dear beloved friend Wolhee Choe.  She was going to join us for this tea meeting but unexpectedly she passed away.  I heard she went peacefully in her sleep.  She was one of my favorite person in the world.  We will miss her.

Souheki with her perfect hand movement.

Our first tea was served to Wolhee.  In Korea, tea ceremony is called "Cha-Rye," literally meaning tea ritual.  However, no one in Korea calls tea drinking "Cha-Rye."  It is a word only reserved for tea offering for ancestors and departed ones.  So our June tea meeting was a "Cha-Rye," in honor of Wolhee.  I hope she enjoyed her tea.

My tea.

After the tea.

Beautiful all around.

See you in July.

You can see more pictures at Souheki's facebook page. 

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